Automotive industry
Leading with Lohmann.
High-end adhesives technology for car interiors and exteriors.

Adhesive solutions are being used more and more in the automobile industry. And Lohmann industrial adhesive tapes are the tape of choice for anyone relying on greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the future.

Their high degree of flexibility means our adhesive tapes are absolutely perfect for a very wide range of constructions and ensure reliable fixing, even on the most modern surfaces.

A number of practical benefits also result: vehicles are lighter, with lower vibration levels, quieter and more environmentally friendly. And not least, the tapes lend themselves very well to automatic joining processes.

Discover for yourself the advanced adhesive bonds for car interiors and exteriors that will make your life easier.
Car interior
Maximum safety, highest levels of comfort and a stylish design – Lohmann adhesive technology helps you deliver the perfect vehicle interior. Lohmann technology fixes cables, connects electronic components and at the same time helps keep emissions down.
Car exterior
We have the answer to the latest developments in the sector: our adhesive tapes ensure perfect adhesion, even on low-energy surfaces. They are ideal for the fixing of protective and decorative strips and exterior mirrors.