Renewable energy
Looking into the future.
Innovative adhesive technology for renewable energy.

The debate around the phase-out of nuclear power has highlighted it once again: there's no getting away from renewable energy. Improvements in efficiency and performance are the challenges that manufacturers must now face. And it is precisely here that the innovative adhesive technology from Lohmann plays an important role.

The more reliably and efficiently components are connected, the longer-lived and more economical the overall system is – irrespective of whether energy is obtained from solar systems or wind turbines and fuel cells, or whether energy is being stored using modern battery technologies.
Frame fixation of PV modules
Lohmann provides the best environment: our high-end adhesive tapes guarantee highly reliable processing when bonding frame profiles to solar laminates - from manual to fully automated processes.
Backrail fixation for PV modules
For perfect adhesion and reliable operation: our fixing and insulating adhesive tapes are most suitable for preventing contact between voltage conducting busbars and solar cells.
Technical adhesive tapes for connecting and assembling solar modules
Rapid assembly and a long service life: Lohmann assembly tapes are the ideal choice for connecting  thin-layer modules to the collector structure. Combined with a backrail attachment, our adhesive technology is simply the intelligent alternative.
Die cut parts for mounting and sealing fuel cell stacks
Precision work from Lohmann: our die cut parts facilitate extremely precise attachment to the smallest surfaces. They also provide the best possible mounting process and at the same time meet the highest requirements for sealing fuel cell stacks.
Bonding modern li-ion batteries to stacks
The connection for really special requirements: our thermally and electrically insulating adhesive tape solution is used when li-ion batteries and cooling elements are joined to make stacks.
Adhesive technology for the production of wind turbines
A new wind is blowing through the energy sector. After all, the generation of electricity through wind power is gaining ground since the decision to phase out nuclear power. Good to know that our adhesives technology has excelled itself in the production of rotor blades, e.g. in the fixing of layering materials.
Bonding of photovoltaic module sockets
Our instantly adhesive die cut parts are perfect for sealing and bonding photovoltaic module sockets. It's the customised geometry that ensures highly efficient processing.