Flexoprinting offers countless ways of achieving the desired print result. No two print orders are identical, and the requirements placed on the mounting process also vary widely. Standard solutions are frequently not up to the job. The plate mounting tapes also have to be adjusted individually, as the right choice of plate mounting tape plays a major role in determining the appearance of the print image.
New plate mounting tape for special print requirements

The foam adhesive tape acts as a substructure and cushions vibrations, but must also accommodate the varying degrees of hardness of the plate and different cylinder sizes. To satisfy these requirements, the graphical segment of Lohmann has extended its product range by developing a new plate mounting tape. This is significant, as various conditions associated with mounting influence the properties of the plate mounting tape. In some cases, edge lifting, where the plate lifts off the edges from the adhesive tape, can occur. This can happen, for example, when hard printing plates are fastened to the printing cylinder, as the increased tension in the plate causes parts of it to lift. It may also happen when the adhesive tape is applied to a cylinder with a small diameter.

In this case, the plate is subjected to extreme bending, yet must remain bonded to the adhesive tape. Lohmann has developed the new DuploFLEX 5 maxx plate mounting tape for these demanding print jobs. Its new adhesive properties reduce edge lifting. Within the proven DuploFLEX 5 range, this new plate mounting tape is also characterised by its ease of handling, easy removal and a perfect print result. Customers can choose from four different foam hardnesses, which permit fine runs as well as dense ink coverage. As there is a flexible PE film on both sides, the forces acting on the foam are perfectly cushioned to deliver the ideal print result.
The Lohmann bonding engineers have also extended their DuploFLEX CB (Corrugated Board) range for the direct printing of corrugated board. The compressible base for high-end post print now has a smooth liner of white silicone paper that provides increased adhesive strength.Lohmann continues to satisfy the wide and varied requirements associated with flexoprinting solutions, not least thanks to its decades of experience in the sector and new, tailor-made solutions like these.