We can accommodate any type of printing.
DuploFLEX® plate mounting tapes for flexoprinting.

Flexoprinting is increasingly faced with ever more challenging demands, such as complex printing jobs, uncompromising quality requirements and tight timeframes, which are forcing many printing companies to look at optimising their production processes even further. Lohmann ensures you can handle any challenge, whatever the printing in question.

Our high quality adhesive tapes for assembling printing plates make even the most complex of individual customer demands possible. User friendliness and premium quality guarantee nothing but the finest printing results - even at high speeds.
Flexible packaging printing
It all rests on the packaging: with Lohmann you can process complex printing orders and stringent customer demands with flexible packaging printing. Thanks to our DuploFLEX® range, your products will stand right out from the crowd.
Flexographic label printing
Lohmann plate mounting tapes are the ideal choice for flexo label printing. Whether you are faced with frequently changing motifs, substantial contents, extravagant designs or even a combination of all three; Lohmann always has the right solution for you.
Flexographic cardboard box printing
Eye-catching results from Lohmann. With our premium quality printing results, your products and brands benefit from the finest showcasing. After all, if you believe that packaging has to offer more than mere protection, you've come to the right place.
New plate mounting tape for special print requirements
The new plate mounting tape DuploFLEX 5 maxx reduces Edge-Lifting...