Excellent connections.
High-end adhesive solutions for the electronics industry.

Hardly any other sector is developing as rapidly as the electronics industry. In addition to the size and efficiency of the products, design is playing an increasingly important role.

Whether in televisions, notebooks or smartphones, thermally and electrically conductive adhesive solutions from Lohmann produce perfect results and are totally compatible with the latest developments.
Thermally conductive adhesive tapes.
Heat management is an important aspect for designers of electronic devices. As individual components become smaller and more powerful, devices are more prone to overheat and fail. Lohmann's thermally conductive adhesive tapes prevent this happening. Our DuploCOLL ® range not only guarantees efficient heat dissipation, it also has a gap-compensating and vibration-absorbing effect.


· A neat finish, with none of the contamination associated with thermally conductive pastes

· Simpler process
· Flexibility with regard to different material expansion coefficients in contrast to rigid materials

Replacing thermally conductive adhesive tapes:

·  Metallic connections
·  Thermally conductive pastes
·  Thermally conductive compressible pads
·  Liquid adhesives
Electrically conductive adhesive tapes.
Lohmann adhesive tapes are the perfect choice in electrical engineering. Offering not only excellent adhesive properties, their structure enables them to establish electrically conductive connections that are totally impervious to environmental influences and extremely stable in terms of their conductivity.

They are thus ideal for the demanding tasks performed by computers, hi-fi devices and mobile phones.

· Electromagnetic screening
· Earthing
· Contact areas
Electrical connections
· Dissipation of static electricity

· Computers, laptops
· Sensors, navigation systems
· Televisions, hi-fis, displays
· Medical technology
· Mobile phones
· PDAs
· Hard disk drives
· Modems
Sealing and product protection.
High-end adhesive solutions from Lohmann protect electronic components from moisture, dust and vibrations. We offer different types of foams in various thicknesses as rolls or die-cut parts to which customised self-adhesive finishes have been applied.

The following types of foam are used:
·  PE foams
·  PE foams
·  Cellular rubber