Consumer Goods
Progress is adhesive technology.
High-end adhesive bonds for the consumer goods industry.
The demands of the consumer goods industry are more varied and complex than ever before. So a great area to really show off one's strengths for all to see. Lohmann offers innovative adhesive bond solutions that keep you one step ahead of the rest - even with the latest market developments.
For example, our high-end adhesive tapes can be used to create individual and functional touch-sensitive keyboards and efficient fridge seals, and offer furniture designers the freedom they had only ever dreamed of. Take a look at our wide range of solutions for virtually all requirements.
Touch-sensitive keyboards
Very easy to use and reliable. High-end adhesive bonds from Lohmann are the ideal choice for every type of touch-sensitive keyboard. From industrial terminals and kiosks to point-of-information installations - we can always offer you the right solution.
White goods

The use of adhesive tapes in large electrical appliances such as fridges, washing machines or dishwashers is on an ever increasing trend. After all, they open up new opportunities for innovative design and efficient production processes.
Lohmann should be the first port of call for anyone seeking to combine the latest design trends with reliable adhesion and efficient production processes. Our adhesive technology is the efficient alternative to conventional fixing systems in the furniture industry.