Design solutions
More freedom, more design possibilities
Adhesive bonds for modern architecture.

Are you looking for reliable fixing solutions to dovetail with visually appealing architecture? Then Lohmann has exactly what you need. Regardless of whether you need point fixings for glass panes or door leaf adhesives - our adhesive tapes give you the freedom to make innovative designs.

The "Bonding Engineers" can introduce you to a world of options that you may not even know exists. Be inspired and take a look at some of our application examples. Who knows, the next adhesive bond we demonstrate could be yours.
Bonding insulating glass
The question of how energy savings can be made is asked time and time again. Low-energy windows are the latest answer. The design principle is based on using double-sided adhesive tape directly in the window sash to apply a pane of insulating glass.                                              

Lohmann adhesive technology can be applied here to create a completely new window design; one that allows more light to pass through, better heat insulation and improved protection against burglary. Manufacturers also benefit from lower material and production costs as well as the option of employing a fully-automated industrial adhesive tape application technique.
Window bonding using Duo integral tape
We're never slow to display our strengths - even in the smallest of places. The innovative Duo integral tape from Lohmann is an adhesive tape that applies the benefits of insulating glass bonding to even the tiniest of adhesive surfaces. Integrated stamped surfaces enable an additional load-bearing bonding layer using a liquid adhesive.
Fixing window glazing bars
Create a visual highlight quickly and easily: foam adhesive tapes from Lohmann are perfect for bonding decorative window glazing bars to glass panes. Installation is extremely straightforward and the completely invisible fixing technology is a result that has to be seen to be believed. Our adhesive tapes are also products of the highest quality. They are extremely weather-resistant and guarantee a long service life.
Door leaf bonding
Architects are increasingly turning to flat building facades. The modern door leaf bonding solution from Lohmann complements this trend perfectly. It sees the door leaf affixed directly to the frame using adhesive tape spread across the leaf. The result as an attractive and minimalist design with joint-free surfaces. Furthermore, the leaf can be applied in a fully automated process that can be integrated seamlessly into the manufacturer's production process.
Fixing metal elements
If you want to put your personal stamp on your home where better to start than with the front door. With Lohmann this is not a problem. We provide adhesive tapes that fix decorative elements to doors cleanly and durably. The completely invisible bond is not only visually impressive, but also features excellent moisture and temperature-resistance properties.