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Consumer Goods
Progress is adhesive technology.
High-end adhesive bonds for the consumer goods industry.
Renewable energy
Developments in recent years make it clear: there'll be no getting away from renewable energy in the future. Our adhesive solutions are already producing remarkable improvements in efficiency and performance in the renewable energy sector.
Flexoprinting requires efficient solutions for the printing plate assembly in label, film or cardboard-container printing. DuploFLEX® printing-block adhesive tapes and compressible substructures pay dividends in quick, complex and long print jobs.
Automotive industry
Lohmann offers flexible connection solutions for the automotive industry. Adhesive tapes can be adapted to a wide variety of constructions. They are die-cut for a perfect fit and hold badges, side-protection bars, cable systems or seat heaters.
Building & Construction
In the construction industry, double-sided adhesive tape is used in window and door building, the sealing of buildings and photovoltaic and wind power plant construction. Lohmann offers solutions for energy-efficient designs and production processes.
Small, stylish and above all more powerful: the electronics sector is developing at a frightening pace. Lohmann's thermally and electrically conductive adhesive technology is ideally suited for use with the innovations hitting the market